“The Simpsons” Co-Creator Sam Simon Rescues Dogs & Trains Them To Be Service Dogs

by Lynnette

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Each year, Sam Simon (the co-creator of The Simpsons holds a Halloween party for dogs.

That’s cute & all, but there’s more to Sam Simon’s story that will really touch your heart…


The Sam Simon Foundation gives stray & abandoned dogs a new lease on life.

They rescue dogs and then train them to be service dogs, rather than being euthanized.

The Foundation also offers spay and neuter services for free via the Foundation’s state-of-the-art surgery machine on wheels.

One interesting thing to note:

The Sam Simon Foundation does not accept donations. He foots the entire bill himself!

Here’s the story from CBS’s 60 Minutes: Sam Simon, The Dog Nut.


Here’s another recent video: Sam Simon Is Donating His Entire Fortune To Animals And Children