Dog Grooming & Dog Cleaning Tips

Answers to all of your dog grooming and dog cleaning questions! These DIY dog grooming tutorials show you how to do everything yourself, step by step. See how to trim dog nails, clean dog ears, brush dog teeth, give your dog a bath, brush dog hair, and more! Plus dog mom hacks and tips for dealing with pet fur & shedding, pet stains, and dog odors — in an attempt to keep your house clean. Not sure where to begin?

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Shih Tzu Grooming Tools: See Which Dog Clippers, Dog Brushes, And Dog Combs Work Best On Shih Tzu Hair

If you decide to groom your dog yourself, using the right tools can make all the difference! You may be tempted to save money by getting cheap dog grooming tools from Walmart, but I’m speaking from experience when I say that it really is worth it to buy quality dog grooming tools that have been proven to work well on this breed from the beginning. Here are 3 Shih Tzu grooming tools you will need to clip, brush, and comb your dog at home.

Uh oh... dog pee on the carpet again! See how to remove dog urine stains and smells. photo by vectorlyme on Flickr

How To Remove Dog Urine Stains & Odors

Dog peed on the carpet? Here’s how to remove wet dog urine stains from different types of flooring. Plus tips for removing set-in urine stains from floors.