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My Dog Has Cancer – See The Holistic Cancer Treatment For Dogs (Diet, Herbs & Supplements For Dogs With Cancer) That Worked For My Dog

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By Danelle

According to the latest in canine cancer research, 1 in 2 dogs will get cancer.

This has held true for me personally — as 2 of my 4 dogs have been given this devastating diagnosis.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs over the age of 10 — 50% of dogs over the age of 10 develop cancer at some point. But half of all cancers are curable if caught early. Source

I have dedicated much of my spare time researching and spreading awareness for the canine cancer epidemic we, as pet parents, are facing today.

CBD Oil is one of the many natural remedies for canine cancer. My dog has cancer and he regularly gets CBD Oil, as well as other natural herbs & supplements.


My Experience With Bladder Cancer In Dogs

I began my research in 2016 when my beloved Boston Terrier, Titus, diagnosed with TCC bladder cancer, was sent home on hospice and given less than a month to live.

After my Boston Terrier Titus was diagnosed with bladder cancer, he only lived 1 more month. His canine cancer was treated with chemo... but it didn't work.

Chemo had failed and there was nothing left to do.

Although I was determined to save him, his tumor was too aggressive — and he tragically passed 21 days later.

In that short time of researching a holistic cancer treatment for dogs, I learned a lot, but I didn’t get the chance to implement any of it into healing Titus.

When my Boston Terrier (Titus) got cancer, I spent all of my spare time researching and learning about treatment options for canine cancer.

My journey with Titus was tough, it was exhausting, it was devastating, but it had a purpose. I may not have been able to save Titus, but through our journey, Titus was able to save another dog I rescued… Truman, a Boxer/Mastiff mix.


My Experience With Lung Cancer In Dogs

A few months after losing Titus, the nasty C word made its rounds again. My recently rescued senior dog, Truman, was diagnosed with primary lung cancer — an uncommon but very aggressive cancer in dogs.

My senior rescue dog, Truman, has primary lung cancer -- an uncommon but very aggressive lung cancer in dogs.

Primary lung cancer, or tumors originating in the lung, are relatively uncommon in dogs (less than 1% of all cancers in dogs), although the number has been increasing … Primary lung tumors are almost always malignant and are usually carcinomas (often adenocarcinomas), although can be hemangiosarcomas. They usually present as a large solitary mass visible in the lung on a chest x-ray. Source

He was given only 3 to 6 months to live.

Due to his age and poor health, I opted out of chemo and chose to dive in head first into the world of treating his cancer holistically.

Today, nearly 2 years later, Truman’s lung cancer is stable, and all 7 of his tumors remain dormant. His cancer has halted!

There is no doubt in my mind that the route I chose to follow for Truman’s treatment not only saved his life — but it gave him a new one.

Truman was only given 6 months to live. See the holistic cancer treatment for dogs that we've been following. Thanks to these herbs & supplements, his cancer has been gone for 2 years... and counting!


How Holistic Treatment Saved My Dog’s Life

Truman is on a strict Ketogenic diet and has had no formal treatment at all for his cancer.

He is no longer taking any medication for his cough or pain, but instead gets a variety of holistic supplements as a part of his daily diet. As a result, his horrendous cough (due to one tumor resting directly on his trachea) subsided — and is now completely gone.

He has the energy and attitude of a very young dog and enjoys his daily run with his little sister, Penelope.

Truman’s progress has his vet speechless. He shouldn’t be alive, let alone thriving with no medication or treatment — after the diagnosis he was given 2 years ago.

Truman is also a part of a 30-year long feline and canine cancer research study that solely focuses on the holistic approach to healing cancer and other diseases in our pets. The man running this research project (Thomas Sandberg) is 18 years into this 30-year study and has created a holistic protocol specific to Truman and his diagnosis. He is recording Truman’s progress throughout our journey, along with hundreds of other dogs and cats.

I’m confident when I say, cancer won’t win this fight.


What Holistic Cancer Treatment For Dogs Looks Like

Wondering what holistic care for canine cancer consists of?

It’s a 2-pronged approach: a combination of diet and natural herbs & supplements.

A raw food diet is a healthy alternative for dogs with cancer. My dog is on a strict raw ketogenic (low-carb) diet.


#1 – Food For Dogs With Cancer

Changing Truman’s diet was the first step I took in getting his health on track.

He was on a high quality kibble, but the carbs/sugar intake was still over 50% — and sugar feeds cancer.

There is an interesting theory about less carbs and no sugar, more fat and high quality protein that can aid your pet and help stop the spread of cancer. (It’s said that cancer cells feed off of sugar, and the sugar produced by carbs — but they cannot feed on fat.) Anti-cancer foods that are safe to share with dogs include protein, fat (excellent sources include coconut oil and olive oil), asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens, burdock, and blueberries. Source

Truman has been on a complete raw food diet since 2016. He is currently on a calorie-restricted raw Ketogenic diet.


#2 – Natural Herbs & Supplements For Dogs With Cancer

In addition to raw foods, Truman’s diet includes a variety of natural herbs and supplements known to help prevent, fight, and even reverse cancer cells, among other things.

His protocol has adjusted over time, but all off the following natural supplements have assisted in Truman’s progress — and he still gets most of them.

An sampler of some natural herbs and supplements safe for dogs.

Each one provides a variety of benefits as well as help support his immune system, detox his body, reduce inflammation, and assist in the fight against his cancer:


The Bottom Line…

As a full-time pet sitter, working with pets every day is a dream come true for me. However, the nightmare of disease and cancer I see in so many of our precious pet clients is unbearable.

I continue to research and study the benefits of natural treatment and prevention, and I enjoy sharing the success this approach has had on my beloved dog Truman.

If you’re interested in learning more, please join our Facebook group: Precious Paws Pet Cancer Awareness.