Horns For Dogs To Chew On: Our Favorite Brands + What You Need To Know Before Giving Your Dog Goat Horns & Buffalo Horns!

Goat horns are not quite smelly enough and the marrow isn't accessible enough for my dogs to get too excited over them.

This is Post #5 (Dog Horn Chews) in a series of articles summarizing the pros & cons of 12 Long-Lasting Dog Chews.

Goat horns and buffalo horns aren’t nearly as popular as antler dog chews — but they are much cheaper!


BEST FOR: Power chewers and medium chewers

MY FAVORITE BRAND(S): Good Lovin from Petco

Pros & Cons Of Goat Horns & Buffalo Horns For Dog Chews

PRO: Made of keratin (like our fingernails are), horns for dogs usually range from 3 to 6 inches long.

PRO: They are 100% digestible by dogs.

PRO: They usually do not splinter.

PRO: They’re very long lasting!

PRO: Horns for dog chews are about half the price of dog antlers. (You might spend $6 to $15 apiece for high-quality goat horns, compared to $10 to $25 apiece for premium antlers.)

CON: The biggest downside is the fact that the marrow inside is rather hard to get at — so my dogs tend to get bored with chewing on a horn rather easily. (We have one goat horn that is almost 3 years old!)

CON: Plus, goat horns are relatively smooth in texture — which also makes them a little boring. As with antler dog chews… the rougher the edges and the more curve there is on a horn dog chew, the more my dogs seem to enjoy it — and they will chew on it much longer.

Goat horns are long lasting dog chews in our house mostly because my dogs get bored with them after awhile.

The Bottom Line

While many dogs seem to enjoy gnawing on goat horns for hours, my dogs tend to get bored with them after a few minutes of chewing.

Perhaps they aren’t “smelly” enough!

Regardless, my dogs are still intrigued enough to gnaw on a goat horn that’s been re-introduced to them after I removed it for a few weeks.

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