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Portuguese Water Dogs

Have an allergic reaction to dogs, dog hair, or saliva? A Hypoallergenic Dogs List of non-shedding & non-drooling dogs perfect for those with pet allergies!

Do you have a mixed breed dog and want to know which breeds make up your dog's genetic background? Maybe you were told that you have a purebred dog, but you're not 100% sure yourself. The most accurate way to find the breed of your dog is to use a dog DNA testing kit. Here's how it works.


All about President Obama's Portuguese water dog, Bo. See photos and videos of the official white house dog, from his first day with the Obamas, to their shopping trips at PetSmart together.

Here are lots of interesting facts about the Portuguese water dog. Despite having a few health issues, the Portuguese water dog is an excellent dog for families, apartment dwellers, and those with allergies. Did you know that President Barack Obama chose a Portuguese water dog for his family... and the White House?