Allergic Dogs: 10 Signs That Your Dog Has Allergies

Dogs are just as likely to suffer from allergies as people are. A dog’s immune system reacts much like a human’s immune system does. Here’s what to look for to help you determine if your dog is suffering from allergies or not. If so, you’ll want to get your dog to the vet immediately.

Raw Food (BARF Diet) vs Cooked Homemade Food

Personally, I can come up with a couple of reasons as to why I wouldn’t feed a dog raw food. Basically, they are the same reasons I wouldn’t feed raw food to a person. Here’s why a lot of dog owners are feeding their dogs the BARF diet — raw food and bones.

TPLO Recovery: What You And Your Dog Can Expect

Here’s a little about our dog’s recovery from TPLO surgery for a torn ACL, as well as the stories of other dogs who’ve been through it. Plus the stories of other dogs who’ve had TPLO surgery, including their recovery highlights.

I Found The Best Dog Poop Bags & Dog Poop Bag Holder… Finally!

Got a dog? Then you need to find some dog waste bags and a dog poop bag holder or dispenser that you like. The bags… I’m not so particular about. That’s the easy part. But finding a dog poop bag holder that you like… now that’s a whole different story. I found it!