Need A Dog Trainer? We Had Success After Dog Training Sessions On The Phone With Suzy Godsey

I’m so thrilled that I have an established relationship with a dog trainer that I trust now. So much so, that I would feel comfortable calling her again in the future with anything that might come up. I see Suzy Godsey’s over-the-phone dog training session as a great way to get back on track with your dog and to ultimately change any behavior your dog is doing that is causing more harm than good.

Do NOT Bring A New Dog Home Until You Watch These 3 Cesar Millan DVDs!

These 3 videos contain information that is helpful for new dog owners as well as lifelong dog owners — like myself. I learned so much from these DVDs… and I’ve had dogs all my life! I predict these Cesar Millan DVDs will be a lifesaver for lots of dog owners — especially those who have reached their peak level of frustration and don’t know where else to turn.

12 Ways That Dogs Play Tricks On Humans

Ever wonder what dogs would do different if they ruled the world? Here’s how a dog sees life and recommendations from a big dog to a little dog at ‘Dog School’.

How To Survive The Ups & Downs Of Kennel-Training

See how we survived the whole crate-training ordeal with Destin. At first, we didn’t succeed. But we stuck with it, and it eventually worked out. All it took was a couple weeks of us and our dog being a little more ‘on edge’ than usual. But we all got through it in the end, and we are SO glad that both of our dogs are now kennel trained! Here’s what worked for us…

How To Teach Your Dog To Speak (Bark On Command), Whisper, And Be Quiet

We use ‘Tell me’ whenever we want our dog to get our attention about something. This is helpful when getting your dog used to the idea that he must ‘tell you’ when he needs to go outside, when there’s a stranger nearby, when he’s hungry, when the water bowl is empty, when the mail has arrived, etc.