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Barking Dog Issues

One way to stop dog barking is to teach your dog the 'Quiet' command. My dog used to bark a lot, until I used these tips to teach him how to be quiet.

Easy ways to prevent dog boredom! Here are 9 clever ways to keep your dog busy. See how to entertain your dog at home, indoors, outside, and while you’re at work.

Dog doesn't like being left alone? Here's how to help a dog with separation anxiety! See the causes, treatments, and ways to keep your dog calm when alone.

The first thing you need is a puppy training collar (or dog harness) and a dog leash. Here's how to choose the best dog training collar & dog training lead for leash walking.


Here's the best way to stop your dog from barking when the doorbell rings. See how to desensitize your dog to the doorbell. See how it's done in this video.


Have you been dealing with some bad dog behaviors lately? Is your dog causing you a lot of frustration and heartache? Here's how to prevent and correct your dog's bad habits.


Certain dog breeds tend to bark a lot. Other breeds of dogs have a reputation of barking less. There are other lists of barking dog breeds. This is a list of dog breeds that don't bark.

A dog that barks at the doorbell is especially challenging at Halloween. However, you can look at it as a headache... or as a valuable dog training opportunity! This video shows how to do it.

Does your dog bark at the same noises all the time? Here are some tips for getting your dog to stop barking at those noises, along with tips for reducing your dog's barking in general.