Are You Prepared To Save Your Dog’s Life In The Event Of An Emergency?

Are you prepared to save your dog’s life if he were involved in an accident or became incapacitated due to some other type of health problem or sudden emergency? Here are some of the most common situations that could result in you having to perform CPR on your dog. Plus, see how to do dog CPR.

The Last Act of Kindness: How To Prepare For The Death Of A Pet

Time passes much too quickly, and ultimately we dog lovers have to face the fact that our time together is winding down. The day will come when decisions — like putting your dog to sleep — have to be made that are never easy. A little planning ahead now will help. Take it from me… over the years we’ve gone through this 7 times. Sometimes it was a no-brainer. Other times, it wasn’t.

Abandoned Dogs Left Behind In Home Foreclosures

Hopefully, the next time you’re interested in getting a dog you will consider picking your pet from a rescue shelter. But please do some homework first to ensure that your new dog doesn’t wind up back at the shelter in a few months.

Dogs Get Cancer Too…

I recently heard about a group of medical researchers who have banded together in an effort to cure canine cancer. It’s called the National Canine Cancer Foundation. Here’s why I applaud their efforts…

Senior Dog Tips ~ How To Prolong Your Dog’s Life

Our American Eskimo dog is 15 years young and STILL going strong. But, truth be told, we thought he would have left this world ages ago. Here’s what we’ve done so far that got him to be 105 in dog years…