dog sit command

Video: Dog Training Sit Command

The following video shows you step-by-step how to teach your dog to sit. Plus, you can teach your dog the down position the same way. Or, you might want to use the clicker method to teach your dog to sit.

Dog Won’t Play With Toys? (Mine Won’t) 10 Tips To Get Your Dog Excited About Dog Toys

Maybe your dog needs to get a bit more exercise these days, but he doesn’t really enjoy playing with toys… Maybe you’re trying to get your dog ‘ready’ for agility training… Maybe you just want to find a new way to interact with your dog by incorporating something FUN into his daily routine… Whatever your motivation, here’s how to get your dog interested in a brand new toy — to the extent that he will do almost anything to be able to play with that toy.

A ‘Canine College’? Yep… For Dog Lovers Everywhere!

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a college degree that could be earned that solely focused on dog training, dog behaviors, and the many ways that we are incorporating dogs into our society these days? It would be called Canine College, and it would help dog lovers everywhere become the most knowledgeable, well-trained, and most responsible dog owners in the country!

Why Kong Toys Are The Best Toys For Dogs

Kong toys are the best dog toys… ever! They serve double-duty, as a chew toy, and as a treat-dispenser. Here’s a listing of the best things about Kong dog toys, and why every dog owner should have one — or 4! Kong chew toys for your dog.