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Here’s a list of all the health reasons… why it’s important to pick up your dog’s poop!


photo via BitsAndPieces

1. Tapeworms
2. Roundworms
3. Cryptosporidium
4. Salmonellosis
5. Giardia
6. E. Coli
7. Parvovirus
8. The smell
9. Poo on shoes
10. The flies (which could bring with them: Shigellosis, Polio & Eye Diseases)

Source: The Poop Report. (Check out all the comments!)


Here’s how & why to take a sample of your dog’s poop with you to the vet.


My Favorite Dog Poop Scoop & Poop Bags

I usually clean up the “land mines” in our backyard using this handy dandy dog poop scooper and a Walmart bag.

I usually get the job of scoopin poop while hubby is mowing the yard.

This grab-type scooper enables you to “attach” the bags, so your hands never even come close to the “goodies”. Plus, it’s a very sturdy and durable powerful grabber. I highly recommend it.
UPDATE: That pooper scooper the best way to pick up dog poop without having to touch anything and these are the best dog poop bags… ever!

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Other Great Dog Poop Scoops