Our Dog Jersey – Puppy Photos Of His First Days At Home With Me

by Lynnette

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Jersey was born on July 8, 1991.

His first day home with me was September 21, 1991.

I traveled 3 hours from Lake Placid, New York (where I was living, while working at Paul Smith’s College) to a pet store in Albany, NY. I had visited that store a few weeks earlier — which was how I knew they had some puppies that I was interested in.

NOTE: This was the first (and last!) time I ever purchased a dog from a pet store. I’m embarassed to say that I simply didn’t know enough about where the pet stores got all their puppies back then. (Now I know that most are from puppy mills.)  At the time, I thought if a dog was “registered” — with papers — then everything was fine. But that’s not necessarily true all the time. In my case, I was very lucky. Jersey lived a long and happy life with me — with no health issues!

Jersey is a purebred American Eskimo Dog — also known as a Spitz, or an Eskie. He was born in upstate New York.

He was very calm… and quiet… and carsick!

But he took to his new home right away.

Here are photos of Jersey’s first days at home with me…


Jersey’s First Day In His New Home: Upstate New York
Jersey's first day home with Lynnette.
On September 22, 1991 I found Jersey, a 10-week-old American Eskimo at a pet store in Albany, New York. (Since then, I’ve changed my tune about pet store adoptions!) Jersey was in a cage by himself, and the store owners said he kept getting passed up, while his brothers and sisters were all adopted weeks earlier. He looked just like a litle white ball of cotton. And to me, the best part was he didn’t have those teary eye stains that most white-fur dogs do. His tail had been nipped at by his siblings (and is still scarred to this day), but despite being the runt of the litter, he was very mellow and sweet. I snatched him up in a heartbeat, and we drove 3 hours upstate to my apartment in Lake Placid, New York. Side Note: I’d had an American Eskimo before, but he died at only 6 months of age. I always knew I wanted another one…



Jersey Was Playful From Day One
Jersey lying sprawled out reaching for his ball.
Jersey was a playful pup from the day I first brought him home. He had a handful of toys, and he loved to play with them all. He frequently laid around the house all sprawled out like this.



Ready For The Beach At Any Time
Jersey was Lynnette's little beach buddy... even though the nearest water was 5 hours away!
Jersey has always enjoyed almost everything I enjoy… including going to the beach!



Home Sweet Home
Jersey felt right at home the very first night.
Jersey felt comfortable in his new home right from the start. He was very calm, cool, and collected in his new house. The only problem was when Lynnette went to work for the day, he pretty much barked most of the time (…so the very kind neighbors said).



Jersey Amidst Beautiful Adirondack Fall Foliage
Jersey enjoying the beautiful fall foliage of the Adirondack mountains.
About a month after Jersey arrived, the leaves started to turn in the Adirondacks. Which is one of the highlights of living in Upstate New York. Jersey has always enjoyed the outdoors, playing in the leaves and the snow were popular activities living in Lake Placid.