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What To Do When Your Dog Won’t Give Up The Ball

What do you do when your dog loves to play with a ball, but he won’t give the ball up in a game of catch?

How to get your dog to release the ball.

Here’s a quick trick…

Whenever you’re playing “catch” with a dog who doesn’t ever want to give up the ball so you can throw it again, try this:

Play with two balls!

Why This Works

When you throw one, your dog will go fetch it and bring it back to you.

dog won't give up the ball

Then (while your dog is still at your feet), immediately throw the other one.

This causes him to drop the one in his mouth before he leaves to retrieve the other ball.

The result is a neverending game of “drop and go fetch”.

Now you can enjoy playing catch with your dog again!

This video describes how to teach your dog to fetch using 2 balls:

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