Puppyproofing & Dog Safety 101

Puppy proofing is just like baby proofing! You get down on your dog’s level and see what they can see… and reach… and chew on. Dog owners share their personal tips and advice to protect your home (inside and out) from your dog’s teeth & paws AND protect your dog from hidden dangers at home & beyond.


My Dog Caught A Bunny Rabbit… What Should I Do?

I’ve often wondered what we should do, on those rare occasions when your dog actually catches — but doesn’t kill — some form of wildlife. In our case recently, it was a couple of baby bunny rabbits. Here’s what I learned… and what we did.

How To Stop Your Dog From Un-Rolling The Toilet Paper

Is your dog notorious for unspooling the toilet paper from its roll in the bathroom? I just discovered a quick trick which prevents your pet from playing with the toilet paper roll in the future! You’ll find yourself asking, ‘Now why didn’t I think of that?!’