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Are Cigarette Butts Poisonous To Dogs? What About Other Tobacco Products? See The Toxic Doses Of Nicotine For Dogs!

Even if a dog eats as few as one or two cigarette butts, it can kill them. I've heard some people claim that cigarette butts are not harmful to dogs, but I've seen nicotine poisoning of a dog firsthand -- and it's not pretty! Here are the toxic doses of nicotine for dogs -- for 8 popular nicotine products ranging from nicotine patches to e-cigarettes. Plus the toxicity of marijuana (cannabis) and alcohol for dogs.

How To Keep Your Dog Safe During Storms Including Hurricanes, Tornadoes & Evacuations

Whenever we're preparing for a really bad storm, I make a point to gather the dog's necessities, in addition to our own. Even if you're not officially evacuating, you never know when you when you might need to seek shelter somewhere else at the last minute. Or, you may even have to stay in a public shelter temporarily if the storm wreaks havoc on your entire neighborhood. Here's what to pack for your dog.

WARNING: Graphic Videos and Pictures of Dog’s Tongue Caught In Paper Shredder

These videos and photos aim tol remind you of the truly horrific consequences that could result if your dog is allowed anywhere near your paper shredder. You could be putting your dog in harm's way and increasing the odds that your dog will accidentally get its tail -- or its tongue -- caught inside the grinders which could cause serious permanent damage to your dog's tongue or tail.