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Socialization Dog Tips

How do you help a scared or nervous dog? (2 ways!) Should you comfort a scared dog? (No, see why.) How can I make my nervous dog more confident? (3 easy things you can do!)

Dog Jealousy & Aggressive Dog Behavior - see how to stop your dog from being a bully to another dog, being possessive of you, or even being aggressive.

Most people who have children have probably taken their kids to some form of daycare. Have you ever thought about taking your dog to daycare? Doggie daycare is a place that your dog can go to have fun during the day and not be stuck at home alone. It's more than just pet sitting.

If this is your first time visiting an off leash dog park, these are the things you should know ahead of time.

When trying to get your dog to do something, your dog doesn't really understand what you are talking about. If you tell him what NOT to do, the message he gets is to DO exactly that! Here's how to understand dog communication and use it to your advantage with your dog.

Do you already have one dog in your house? Thinking of adding a second dog to your family pack? Here's how to properly introduce the two dogs BEFORE you bring the new dog home.

A well-socialized dog will be much more relaxed in the world and less likely to have unwanted behaviors. Socializing your dog -- as a puppy -- is definitely a win-win for both you and your dog!