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Dog Tricks To Try

Watch as 'Skid Boot' the dog follows orders from his trainer, David... to a tee! This video contains a scene from Pet Stars on Animal Planet.

Here's how to set things up so your dog will succeed. Why?... Because when a dog fails at something, he's less likely to want to try it again. And when learning a new trick or behavior, no dog succeeds every time -- especially in the beginning. So it's up to you to make sure your dog succeeds from the very start. Here's how...

Here's a great dog stunt... for anyone who's daring enough to try it with their own dog!

We taught our dogs to 'shake' their fur on command. This is great whenever they're wet after a bath or a walk in the rain, or after a doggie roll on the ground where his fur has collected bits of everything that was in the grass. Here's how we taught our dogs to 'shake'...


In addition to the basic dog commands and standard pet tricks that most dogs learn, we've managed to teach our dogs some of the best dog tricks... ever!

Can your dog talk? One thing's for sure... These dogs can speak enough of the English language to say one thing very clearly: 'I love Mama'.