Dog Won’t Play With Toys? (Mine Won’t) 10 Tips To Get Your Dog Excited About Dog Toys

Maybe your dog needs to get a bit more exercise these days, but he doesn’t really enjoy playing with toys… Maybe you’re trying to get your dog ‘ready’ for agility training… Maybe you just want to find a new way to interact with your dog by incorporating something FUN into his daily routine… Whatever your motivation, here’s how to get your dog interested in a brand new toy — to the extent that he will do almost anything to be able to play with that toy.

Dog Versions of Popular Human Things

Check out these popular human gadgets & accessories that they’ve scaled down and made chewable… just for dogs! Here are some adorable dog toys that closely resemble human things.

Dog Treat Toys: Buster Cube vs. Kong Toy

I’ve tried both the Buster Cube and the Kong toy with my dogs, and without a doubt, they prefer the Kong toys. Here’s why. Both dispense treats as your dog plays with them, but there are a number of other qualities that make the Kong toy much different.

Why Kong Toys Are The Best Toys For Dogs

Kong toys are the best dog toys… ever! They serve double-duty, as a chew toy, and as a treat-dispenser. Here’s a listing of the best things about Kong dog toys, and why every dog owner should have one — or 4! Kong chew toys for your dog.

Basketball Dog Toys & Jerseys

Is your dog ‘mad’ about basketball?… Help him show his team spirit this basketball season by dressing him up in a doggie basketball uniform from his favorite team… or consider a new toy like these basketballs that come in all shapes and sizes.