Allergic Dogs: 10 Signs That Your Dog Has Allergies

Dogs are just as likely to suffer from allergies as people are. A dog’s immune system reacts much like a human’s immune system does. Here’s what to look for to help you determine if your dog is suffering from allergies or not. If so, you’ll want to get your dog to the vet immediately.

Dogs & Loud Noises… Are Ear Plugs Necessary?

Dogs at drag racing events and other loud sporting events like hunting need ear protection. Here are some ideas for protecting your dog’s ears from damaging loud noises. These might even work well for fireworks!

Do You Know Where Your Dog’s Sweet Spot Is?

Do you know how to scratch your dog’s itches? We’ve noticed that each of our dogs has a ‘sweet spot’… that one place that makes their day anytime it gets scratched. Here’s more about our dogs’ sweet spots…