Best Dog Flea And Tick Control: The Safest Ingredients To Look For

I’ve been using Frontline Plus to control fleas AND ticks on my dogs for the past 22 years. I decided to investigate further to learn about the ingredients used in dog flea and tick control products. Here are the safest ones that you should look for when buying flea & tick control for your dog.

5 Best Flea And Tick Control Products For Dogs

The flea and tick control products you get from your vet are the most effective and safest ones for your dog. They all control fleas, but a few of them control other pests as well. Five flea and tick control products are reviewed here.

How To Tell If Your Dog Has Lyme Disease From A Tick Bite

I have Lyme Disease. My dog does not. Our vet thought this was odd, because dogs spend much more time closer to the ground and inevitably get a lot more tick bites than we do. Plus, 90% of the time we’re outdoors, our dog is usually with us. …I guess the tick preventative that our dogs have always worn — Frontline Plus — really DOES work!