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Found dog sign. photo by by Hotash on Flickr

Your first inclination may be to take a stray dog inside your home to immediately give him food and shelter. But that's not always the safest option. Here's what you SHOULD do if you find a stray dog.

If you think that you will eventually want your dog to be a hunting dog, here are some very basic tips to get started with hunting dog training.

Wondering about the difference between purebreed dogs, mixed breed dogs, and hybrid dogs? Here's how to tell which one your dog is...

See why most people ultimately decide to foster dogs, and how to find dog foster opportunities where you live. Plus, see what's required to foster a dog and what you can expect if you become a dog foster parent.

My Dachshund recently had back surgery, so I needed a dog ramp -- instead of doggie steps -- as a way for her to get up on my bed. Most of the dog ramps I found online where very expensive and the height didn't match up with my bed height. So I made my own. Here's how...

Just like humans, dogs do dream. They have REM sleep as well as slow wave sleep. A dog behaves differently during those 2 phases of dog sleep. The most active dog dreams -- and dog snoring -- typically occur during REM sleep.

Have an elderly dog? These are the signs of aging you should be on the lookout for. Each of them requires special attention for senior dogs.


Here's what you need to know -- and DO -- if you think your dog has had a seizure. Plus, some videos of dogs having seizures so you can see that dogs typically come out of seizures just fine -- even though the dog seizure itself can seem quite violent and scary.

If you have ever watched your dog scratching his ears he may have allergies. There are many different dog allergy symptoms to be on the look out for. Also there are several different treatments for dog allergies.