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Bones & Sticks For Dogs

Wondering which are the best antlers for dogs? Here are the pros and cons of antlers for dogs, how to soften them, and the best place to buy them.

The Best Raw Bones For Dogs - A list of safe dog bones for chewing that are the least likely to splinter. Get them from a butcher, grocery store, or online!

What should you do if your dog ate chicken bones? My dog did it. Lots of other dogs have too. Here's what you need to know about dogs eating chicken bones & turkey bones.


I've tried dog mints in the past - but they didn't work. I found a dog mouthwash (Dental Fresh drinking water additive) that got rid of my dog's bad breath!

We received this question about dog chewing from a dog owner on our Facebook Page. Since others may be dealing with the same, or a similar, situation I thought I'd share my reply here -- along with more details that could be helpful to other dog owners.

Rawhide bones and dog chews are made from the skin of cows. Rawhide is an inexpensive treat for dogs, and many people keep a stock of these on hand for their pets. However, controversy has been brewing over the safety of these rawhide treats for dogs.

Our dogs love to chew on sticks. Much like they like to snap open the shells of peanuts and spit out the crumbs. Here's a little story about one of our dog's and his personal mission to de-shrub our backyard!

Maybe your dog needs to get a bit more exercise these days, but he doesn't really enjoy playing with toys... Maybe you're trying to get your dog 'ready' for agility training... Maybe you just want to find a new way to interact with your dog by incorporating something FUN into his daily routine... Whatever your motivation, here's how to get your dog interested in a brand new toy -- to the extent that he will do almost anything to be able to play with that toy.

You've heard the controversy about feeding dogs raw food. Now, get the facts about dogs eating raw food... And, with the help of this book, get some of the best tips and recipes for feeding your dog the 'BARF' diet - Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods.