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Did You Know You Can ‘Spin’ Your Dog’s Fur Into Something Meaningful?

With less than 1 ounce of pet fur, you can make a bookmark, ear warmer, headband, hair scrunchie, shoe laces, decorative flowers, hearts, sachets, or even an entire skein of yarn. (Most of these cost under $20.)

How to spin your dog hair into other cool products.

With 3 ounces or more, they can custom make an item for you. Prices typically range from $20 to $60 and higher for larger customized items.


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Want To Try A Sampler First?

pet-brush-with-dog-fur2.jpgSend a small sample of your dog’s fur and they’ll spin it for you into a cord of about a foot long.

This will show you what your pet’s hair looks like when it’s been “spun”, and it will give you some idea of what the finished item would look like if you chose a custom item made from your dog’s fur.

This process works best if your pet has hair that is at least 2 inches long.



Other Ways To Spin Pet Hair Into Fun Creations