Vet Tips For Sick Dogs

Whether your dog is suddenly sick (vomiting, having seizures, itching uncontrollably, etc) or has an ongoing medical issue (like cancer, torn ACL, joint pain, etc), check here for tried and true tips and recommendations from dog experts and veterinarians! See how to make your dog feel better… faster. Plus what you need to know about dog vaccinations, rabies, and kennel cough — as well as routine vet care for heartworms, parvo, mange, allergies, dog flu, and more.

Finding Mobile Vets: Veterinarians That Make House Calls

Mobile vets are licensed and must have their facilities — usually a clinic on wheels — inspected regularly, just like a regular vet clinic. Many varieties of mobile veterinarians exist, and a mobile vet’s services run the gamut from conducting monthly neighborhood clinics for spay and neuter services, to bringing state of the art equipment to your door for full-service pet care, and everything in between.

Calming Dog Aromatherapy: How To Treat Anxiety In Dogs

For dogs that become anxious or nervous whenever they hear loud noises — such as lightning, thunder, fireworks — or dogs that experience anxiety whenever they’re traveling, being groomed, or at the vet, there are a number of simple and good-smelling things you can do… Dog aromatherapy is famous for its calming effect on dogs… and their owners!