Carey Hart and Pink Showing Off Their Dogs (…and Their Tattoos)

Pink and Carey Hart certainly have some interesting stories to share about dogs…

For example, Pink named one of her dogs an unprintable name.

And she recently got a tattoo to memorialize her late dog, Elvis, that reads in part; “A time to weep. A time to mourn. Sleep in peace.”

In case you’re interested, here are photos of Pink’s tattoos. (Supposedly, there are more than 20 that have been inked onto all parts of her body!)

I think, together, Pink and Carey Hart have had at least four different dogs… and a million different tattoos.


This is a picture of Pink and hubby Cary Hart walking their bulldog, Elvis.




Pink and her dog at the MTV Movie Awards…




A sweet photo of Pink and her beloved dog, Elvis.


Check here for more pictures of Pink and her bulldog, Elvis.