New Dog Breed Names For Mixed Breed Dogs

chiweenie-and-a-chihuahua-by-britt-lanier.jpg Have you ever heard of a Muggin, Goldmation or a Snorkie? 

Sometimes, you can tell by the name which dog breeds where mixed together to create the new dog breed. For example, Labradoodle is a mix between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle.

Those are all examples of 2 different dog breeds that have been bred together.  The hybrid mix results in a new dog breed name


What Should I Call My Dog’s Breed?

If you’re reading this article, then chances are you recently adopted a dog whose parents were 2 different breeds and you’re wondering what to call that new dog breed.

Or, perhaps your own dog is pregnant with mixed breed pups, and you’re wondering what breed to call the puppies when they are born.

Check out this list of over 300 new dog breed names from the American Canine Hybrid Club.

A few of the new dog breed names that I think are really unique are:

  • Chiweenie: Chihuahua + Dachshund
  • Pinny-Poo: MinPinscher + Poodle
  • Yorkie Poo: Poodle + Yorkie
  • Bogle: Boxer + Beagle

The best part about most of the new dog breed names out there is they’re really fun to say.  Talk about a conversation starter!

NOTE: If a name for your mixed breed dog doesn’t appear on the lists above, then your mixed breed dog might be an entirely new dog breed!  If so, share the 2 breeds in the Comments below and someone else might be able to help you determine the best new dog breed name.




I have 2 Miniature Pinschers. My husband and I consider them our 4-legged kids.

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  • SC

    we have a 6 month old Lab Daniff Mix – since the daniff is already a hybird breed, What would you call this mix

  • Sissy

    Labrador Retriever and a Daniff
    (which is already a hybrid breed Great Dane & Mastiff)

  • Keri

    I have a Rottweiler/Akita hybrid. Both parents had papers. The closest thing I can find for a name of the breed is a “Rokita”, but there’s not very much information on the hybrid breed. :(

  • Bill

    I have a Jack Russell-Lhasa Apso mix. any fun ideas?

    • merrie

      a Jack-Asso…just kiding probably really cute and energetic

    • Jodi

      jack apso

  • Anonymous

    What do you call a Dachshund and Rottweiler Mix?

    • Ryanspaust

      wrong lol. hope the male was dashound

  • Angelaboo98

    I have a shar-pei and great dane mix… does anyone have an idea what to call it??

  • cindey

    i have a chiweeinie who has mated with a Yorkie

  • Suena8832

    wat would be a chiweenie with a yorkie called

  • Baby_blue_eyes07

    what would a muggin mixed with a yorkie be called????

  • Kelsey Pepper

    I have a Border Collie mixed with Newfoundland. What would she be called?

  • victoria

    I have a muggin which had puppies with my yorkie.. My question is what would you call the pups??

  • Ryanspaust

    my chiweenie bread with a snorkie what would you call this. they are extreamly cute thou.

    • Abbysage


  • Wuvmonkie05

    what would you call a chiweenie and a la pom???

  • :)

    what will call a shar pei and a great dane

  • Doodles

    Alaskan Malamute + Labrador Retriever = ?

  • Csabater

    I call my dog, the baby, a Dorkiehuahua. Is this ok? Her grandfather is a Dachshund. Her Grandmother was a Yorkie. Her mother is half Dachshund, half Yorkie and her father is a chihuahua that I rescued. So what is a good name for the baby? Mom, Dad, and daughter all live together at our house. Mom and Dad had 5 puppies. We gave up 4 for adoption and kept one of the puppies.

  • Carolh

    What do you call a Labrador and Chihuahua mix

    • paula

      our lab is pregnant with chihuahua puppies wondering what u called them and what do they look like

      • Trish Barnes-Carris

        Chilab. They look like a shrunken lab. They are a sweet, loving, SMART house dog. Easy to potty train, about 15-20 pounds, stubby legs, bulky body, droopy ears, low bark (unlike chihuahuas annoying yelp), but not too useful as a guard dog. We LOVE ours-she is SUPER great with kids and quick to learn commands.

  • Mickpickup36

    Hi are dog has had puppies their mum is a Yorkie Russell and their dad a Chiweenie lovely little pups any ideas

  • Jordangalemore

    my friend has two dogs and they just had their first litter and giving them away. the mom is part weenie dog and part pomeranian and the dad is part beagle and part boston terrier what would the puppies be called?

    • Dogboyrd

          Whatever their new owner wants to call them. Rover, Fido, Bella, etc .As for the breed name they are just MUTTS. Why must it have a breed name when it isn’t a breed. This designer dog fad is only working becuase most people like to know what they’re getting and feel proud when they can say what it is they have. It’s not enough that they have a dog but they must be able to brag about it as well. Just because you can do something and make money dosen’t mean you should, history has shown us that. Some people are asking hundreds of dollars for their MUTTS, more than some PUREBREDS are priced at and people are paying because they feel a sense of pride about their dog just because they know what differnet breeds it’s mixed with and they are able to brag about, show it off like a new toy. I hope you are prepared for the vet bills because you now have all the medical issues of 2 or more breeds which can make things a lot more difficult and expensive. At least with the purebreeds you know what you are getting into and it’s easier to diagnose and deal with. With the mixed breeds you get mixed problems. Also it seems to be mostly the small/miniature breeds the are being bred. In my experience it’s the small dogs that generally have the most issues. You also have to look at the behaviour issues. Most breeds have a certain way they behave and react to certain situations and you can be prepared for this. It might even be the quality you are looking for, but with a mutt you never know how they will react until they do.
        I am 1 half Scottish and also part native indian,french,dutch,german,italian and irish. Born in Canada. What does that make me? Oh yeah, a human CANADIAN!!!!

    • DogLover

      A Beagle and Boston terrier mix is called a Bug.

  • Disturbed

    I have an answer for everyone posting here – MUTT.  Anytime you breed dogs of different breeds, you aren’t creating a new “breed” you’re creating yet another mixed breed dog.  And why are people breeding two mixed (and often rescued) dogs together anyway?  This is irresponsible and adding to the pet overpopulation problem that is already out of control.  Instead of spending time thinking up cutesy names for your mixed breed dog, why don’t you spay or neuter them instead.  I can’t believe this website is promoting this disturbing trend.

    • DogLover

      Al dogs are “Mutts”. Even if the AKC or CKC say they are pure bred there still mutts! Look at the miniature schnauzer. When they wanted to make that a breed they mixed the Affenpincher, Standard schnauzer and the Miniature poodle. Then they kept on breeding the puppies with thos same mixed puppies, then the stupid AKC or CKC said that mutt is a pure bred. So stop with the “Mutts” Because ALL dogs are not just designer dogs.

  • TJ

    I’ve been searching for a name for my new baby Phoenix! He is a boxer/boston terrier mix. I was thinking “BoxBo or Box-Terr. Help me out!

    • DogLover

      What about a Boxton Terrier?
      Hope I Helped :)

  • Ninarosemacklin

    I have a plott hound german shorthaired pointer mix puppy. What would he be called? Any information on the mix breed?

  • asay7

    I don’t “need” a name for my pups, just curious…Dad is bure bred German Shepard, mom is 1/2 German Shepard 1/2 Doberman Pinscher…
    What I have always called a “mixed dog” is a “Hienz 57” lol

  • Bri

    :) i have an Auggie which is an austrailian cattle dog (blue heeler) corgi mix

  • CORNA811


  • Jtmel0023

    I have a rotties and german pointer puppies what are the bred called?

  • Coriburt013

    German Shepherd + Yellow Blackmouth Cur

  • Jonesleta60

    My American Eskimo female is about to have puppies by a Borgi male, what would you call them?

  • Tonyadaye

    German shepherd + golden retriever = German retriever? Golden shepherd?

  • Abner Mole

    Siberian Husky + Labrador Retriever = Siberian Huskador Retreiver 

  • Irene

    I have a pitbull, rottweiler, golden lab, and brindle mix breed? what would you call them? 

  • Yovillageidiot

    I always wanted to breed a doberman and a cocker spaniel, so when people asked me what kind of dog it was I could say “it’s a cock pincher”

  • Agent Tuckerson

    Keswick from T.U.F.F. Puppy looks like a Cairn terrier + pit bull = Cairn Pit Terrier

  • Mikribs

    What would be a fox terrier+newfoundlander be called?

  • Lovemymutt

    To all you that are sooooo against anyone being able to claim a “better” breed,
    I’m going to be honest.. a lot of pure breed dogs are way over bred and not worth the money they cost. I have a jack russell/ lhasa apso mix and he’s the best dog I’ve ever owned. He’s not too hyper, loves to play, he’s very intelligent, he loves to cuddle, he’s very gentle, loves children of all ages, and my husband is not allergic to him. He got the best of both breeds. I’d pay 10 times the amount of money for another mix of his kind vs. a “pure breed” dog with a ton of health issues due to over breeding. I’m more proud of him than any other pure bred dog, I’ve ever owned. I’ve never had so many compliments on how well behaved and wonderful of a dog I have, until this guy. My dog has ZERO health issues and is not sensitive to ANYTHING. “Mutts” are much more resilient than “pure breeds”, That’s why “pure breeds” have the health issues they have, is because of the over breeding. (of course I’m sure you knew that, too) Stop being so negative about it. You might very well risk having the worst of two breeds, but you also have a chance at getting the best of both breeds. It’s better than the last dog I had, which was a “pure bred”. He was so over bred he’d go crazy and attack you for just walking passed him. He was given nothing but love and attention in my home and was twice the size he should have been and had the worst skin disorders, ever! I was told specifically by the vet his health and behavior was due to over breeding. He was a certified registerd AKC shih tzu. Never again will I buy another “pure bred”.

  • max.jacobson

    So what’s a good breed name for my dog who’s mother was a Border Collie and father was an American Pitt Bull? She looks more like a Border Collie and has the energy of one, but she’s a medium sized dog. Snores like a Pitt Bull for sure! ha.

    • sondra

      We have the same mix and we just call her a Pollie. Don’t know if thats correct but its what we came up with. lol

      • max.jacobson

        That’s a cute name. We actually just ended up giving her a “human-like” name. Her name is Sasha.

  • Channo

    Hi i have a 4 month old puppy “Peppa” she is a first cross between a miniature Jack Russell and a lhasa apso. Has anyone any ideas for a suitable breed name Russell-apso or maybe Lhasa-jack cheers

    • Jodi

      Jack apso!! I have one too. So adorable!!

  • axal

    Staff x labrador what breed can u call it

  • DogLover

    What would a Curly coated retriever, Weimaraner Mix be called?
    Thank you.

  • DogLover

    Stop with “Mutts”

    • Trish Barnes-Carris

      Maybe don’t comment if you can’t say something nice.

  • DIONApp

    Yorkshire terrier +boxer

  • DIONApp

    Yorker or boxie

  • prince

    I have a dog mixed with a pitbull, akita, rottweiler and lab. What should this breed be called? the mother was a rottwewiler, lab mix and the father was pitbull, akita mixed.

  • Riallia

    I had a Black Lab mixed with a Border Collie… I called her my Border Lab 😉

  • Puppy Sally

    I have a 7 week old puppy and dont know what to call her. Her dad was a lab and pitbull mix and her mom was a german shepherd and husky mix. any body have any ideas? She has the markings of a german shepherd, her shoulders and chest look like a pitbull, her height is like a husky, and her head is boxy like a pit but has a snout like a lab, also her coat is thick like a husky but also a little lengthy from the german shepherd and lab.

    • Cody Smith

      Siberian Pitt Hound.

  • Trey

    I was just thinking….. I have a chiweenie its about to have puppies with a yorkie so i think its name should be…. YorWeenie….

  • paula

    We a female lab who recently got pregnant by our chihuahua and will have puppies soon, wondering what the puppies will look like and what to call them

    • Cody Smith

      Is that possible?

    • Trish Barnes-Carris

      We call ours Chilabs. The dad was a big yellow lab and the mom is an 8 pound chihuahua. Don’t ask me ‘how’ that happened but it did.

    • Jennifer

      ours is chihuahua mixed with a mini lab. I guess chilabs work for him too. beautiful brindle baby! <3

  • Amanda R Dixon

    pomeranian terrier mix +Daschund=???????????? anyone know??

  • disqus_woPIZXXmF6

    My daughter’s chiweenie mated with a rotwieller, what do you call the puppies???

  • Tyra

    my puppy is mixed with a German Shepard, Siberian Husky and a Pitt

    • Cody Smith

      Call it a Siberian Pitt Hound. Doesn’t that sound cool?

  • Trish Barnes-Carris

    (Accidentally) our chihuahua breed with our male lab. We have puppies now that I don’t see a name for here. We call them Chilabs.

  • stew

    I have a zuchon poo and a jack tese what breed are ther puppies.

  • jamie black


  • Cat

    I have a blue heeler and dachshund and I love him to pieces

  • Kim Robinson

    I have 3 puppies that are Chorkie & Beagle mix…what do I call them????

    • Dawn

      Chorbie’s? X

  • Renee

    We have a Chihahua/Rottweiler mom and Daschund dad, What do we call them?

    • Dawn

      How did the chihahua and rottweiler get it on? Lol x

  • Saundra Morgan

    I have a CHI-WEENIE and he bread with a BASENJI ANY NAMES FOR THE BREED

  • Michelle True

    i just got a puppy that is a daschound and a plott hound mix what would it be called?

    • Dawn


  • Dawn

    I have a newfoundland cross alaskan malamute female and trying to breed her with a presa canario any ideas what we could call pup’s?

    • India Dancil

      Presa Newfoundamute?

  • Lori Randall Royce

    Took in a pup at 4 wks old .. yorkie /rottie /collie is what I was told her mix is. Her mom died giving birth she is the only surviving pup

    • India Dancil


  • India Dancil

    My lovely is from a litter that I’ve titled “Chorkshunds.” Dad is a full Chihuahua and Mom is a 50/50 Dorkie (Dachshund/”Yorkie”). The majority of the litter’s feature resemble the Chihuaha genes, but there were too that you could tell were mixed with Yorkshire Terrier.

  • Tammy Helton

    I am getting a Jack Russell mixed with a chiweenie what you call that kind of dog?

  • Jamie

    German shepherd Rottweiler mix

  • Sarah Hill

    I have a chiwinkie chihuahua, wiener, yorkie mix. Her body is long has yorkie fur and the chihuahua head. Cute as a button.

  • Cheyenne Louise George

    blue heeler x shar pei would be called what?

  • Damian White

    How about an Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) and a Rat Terrier mix?

    • mariah

      An austerrier :)

  • Jennifer

    I have a chihuahua and mini lab mix.

    • Autumn Elise

      Question, what do you call it. I really can’t think of a name and it is not on there.

  • Brandie Hawk Kuntz

    My baby, Dutch, is a mix of mini dachshund/yellow lab/german shepard mix. His father was pure mini dachshund and his mom was yellow lab/german shepard mix. He has the long body and short legs of the dachshund and big feet, fur, face and tail of a lab and markings are a cross between dachshund and shepard, mostly black with brown on the feet, belly and eyebrows. Not sure what to call him but my husband and i love him!!!

  • Kaitlyn Gavilanes

    the dogs peanut and barron is so cute ,but one problem their real names is cookie and munie . yall are very rude of just changeing their names and they’er both girls. i want to sue yall but i can’t im not that type of person but if you don’t take it off then i will sue yall

  • Kaitlyn Gavilanes

    plz take it off the website

  • Steven Suman

    My puppy is a mix between a.
    Husky. German shepherd. Labrador. And akita.

  • Jordon Miguel Smith

    Red heeler (Australian cattle dog) and Rottweiler?

  • tiffanie

    I have a husky, lab and pitbull mix

    • mariah

      Bullabsky :) bull – lab – sky

  • Kristy Kirk

    I have a Yorkshire Terrier/Husky mix. He is about 40 lbs and has Yorkie colors and eyes but acts and sounds like a Husky. My niece ended up with the same breed pup a year later. Hers is female and has Husky eyes but remained small like a yorkie.
    I call mine a Horskie..
    Does anyone have a better name combination ?

  • Elana Kleinsasser Harakel

    We have a mini lab, but we never have found a clear answer on how he’s made. (has a pointer’s nose..not a lab).Anyone know?

  • kylie

    I have a Labrador Retriever mixed with German Shepherd

  • Marijane M.

    I have a dozen/ Boston terrier mix. People say he looks like a miniature pitbull.

  • Rachael Nicolle

    I’m possibly getting a puppy that is pitbull/German sheperd/husky and we believe rottie mix. What in the world would you call that?

    • Lisa Beatty

      I have tried for over an hour to put some kind of something together and I’m ending up with NADA. Im stuck on this one, Lol/

  • Lisa Beatty

    I have a Golden Retriever and Jack Russell Mix…..Any ideas??

  • Autumn Elise

    Mine is I believe miniature lab chihuahua mix