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Chewing & Destructive Behavior

See how we survived the whole crate-training ordeal with Destin. At first, we didn't succeed. But we stuck with it, and it eventually worked out. All it took was a couple weeks of us and our dog being a little more 'on edge' than usual. But we all got through it in the end, and we are SO glad that both of our dogs are now kennel trained! Here's what worked for us...

Maybe your dog needs to get a bit more exercise these days, but he doesn't really enjoy playing with toys... Maybe you're trying to get your dog 'ready' for agility training... Maybe you just want to find a new way to interact with your dog by incorporating something FUN into his daily routine... Whatever your motivation, here's how to get your dog interested in a brand new toy -- to the extent that he will do almost anything to be able to play with that toy.

Puppy ZIGGIES are long-lasting dog chews made by the KONG Company. Here's why Puppy ZIGGIES are great for young pups and adult dogs, alike. And why dog owner love 'em too!

Aside from the typical poisonous plants, antifreeze, and chocolate that we dog owners hear so much about, there are a number of far more common household dangers that dog owners should also be aware of. Here are some other household dangers you should consider:

Have you ever tried to crate train an adult dog? Here's how we turned our rebellious 3-year-old Black Lab/Golden Retriever mix from a crate-hating dog into a peaceful and happy crate-loving dog once and for all...