Should You Trim Your Dog’s Hairy Toes?

Does your dog have a lot of fur that grows on the top of his paws, between his toes, and even underneath on his paw pads?

If so, should you trim the fur or just let it keep growing?

Here’s what I do…

Some dogs grow lots of fur on their paws — on top of their paws, between their toes, and even on the bottom of their pads.

Those with ‘show dogs’ usually trim this hair for better appearance in the show ring.

I don’t have show dogs, but I always trim the fur on the tops (and bottoms) of my dogs’ paws whenever I trim their nails.

Doing so, makes their paws look better groomed (…and shows off the great trim job I just did on their nails).

Here’s how to trim your dog’s paws:

It’s Not Just For Looks

If nothing else, pet owners should trim the hair around your dog’s toes in the winter months to avoid build-up of ice in between the fur and the toes.

Slush, dirt and road salt can really get packed in there tight and harden in a matter of minutes when it is cold outside.

Cleaning Dog Paws In The Winter

Having packed ice between the dog’s toes and/or sludge stuck in the fur of your dog’s paws could also cause him to excessively lick the area — almost raw — similar to a hotspot.

Your best course of action in the winter is to dry your dog’s paws completely, then rub them with petroleum jelly.

Or, you could just put some boots on your dog… like these!

Hairy Toes vs Hardwood Flooring

Who knew?!…

Trimming your dog’s hairy toes could save you save you money on replacing and refinishing hardwood floors:

Some dogs grow a lot of fur between the pads of their paws; they slip easily on wood floors when this grows out, and tend to try to dig in with their claws to compensate. Are you trimming the fur between the pads as short as you can? ~ Paulsc

More about dogs and hardwood floors.

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