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Tag: Multiple Dogs

Are you living in a house with multiple dogs or are you thinking of adding a second dog to your family pack? Here you’ll discover the best ways to properly introduce dogs (before bringing them home) and other helpful tips for living with multiple dogs.

Need A Dog Seat Protector? I Have 3 Dogs – Here’s My Review Of The 2-In-1 iBuddy Dog Car Hammock / Back Seat Dog Cover

We have 3 dogs and 2 vehicles. We use the 2-in-1 iBuddy dog cargo cover / dog car hammock to…

3 months ago

Older Dog Is Aggressive With Puppy? (Mine Was Too) My Best Tips For Dealing With Dog Agression

Have you ever dealt with dog aggression issues? I have! We went from 2 dogs to 3 dogs and the…

1 year ago

How To Introduce Two Dogs (Tip: Do It Before Bringing The Second Dog Home!)

Do you already have one dog in your house? Thinking of adding a second dog to your family pack? Here's…

8 years ago

Raising 2 Dogs – And Training 2 Dogs At Once – Is Not Easy!

There are a few issues that may arise if you bring home more than one puppy at the same time.…

9 years ago

Boy Meets Girl… Playmate Pups Meeting For The First Time

Check out our big dog's first meeting with a miniature dachshund. It was hilarious!

11 years ago

Who’s The Boss In Your House?… Understanding The Dog Pack Hierarchy

Who is really the boss in your home... You, or your dog? If you've got more than one dog, which…

11 years ago

Two Male Dogs Playing Tag: Winner Gets A Mouthful Of Fur

Sometimes we call it brotherly love... or ring-around-the-rosie, or just a fun game of tag... These are pictures of my…

12 years ago

Top 10 Little-Known Facts About Dogs

The folks at the Dog Hause came up with a list of 15 interesting facts about dogs. I've chosen my…

12 years ago

Dogs Whose Bark Is Worse Than Their Bite

Check out these videos of dogs that appear to be mean and ferocious, but their bark is worse than their…

12 years ago

Pros & Cons Of Using An Evenflo Baby Gate For Dogs: A Review

Sometimes you need a way to temporarily separate two or more dogs inside your home. Other times, you may just…

12 years ago

Raising Multiple Dogs: Things You MUST Do When You Have Two Or More Dogs

A few things you need to consider before bringing another dog home... because two -- and especially three -- dogs…

12 years ago

Dog Is Too Protective… Is It A Case Of Dog Aggression?

What should you do when an overly protective older dog goes too far in his role as Alpha dog? Sometimes…

12 years ago