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Wondering if your pet’s vaccinations are up to date? Most kennels and boarding locations won’t take your dog if he isn’t. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the pros and cons of vaccinations and some interesting myths & facts about pet wellness visits and annual dog vaccinations.

How To Get Answers To Your Dog Health Questions… Fast!

Get answers to your dog questions right away -- online -- from verified pet experts. What's your dog question?

5 years ago

Annual Dog Vaccinations & Pet Wellness Check-ups… Necessary Or Not?

We continue to vaccinate our dog each year, although we have cut back in recent years. See why, along with…

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Should You Vaccinate Your Dog Against The Dog Flu?

Here's what you should know about dog flu -- also known as the H3N8 flu virus in dogs.

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Dog Vaccinations: What’s The Difference Between The 3-Year Rabies Shot And The 1-Year Rabies Shot?

The big question is which Rabies injection is better for your dog? Is there a different formula used in the…

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Dog Costs: The True Cost Of Owning A Dog & How To Save On Vet Care

Did you know that owning a dog costs about $1000 for the first year alone? Then, it costs about $500…

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How To Tell If Your Dog Has Lyme Disease From A Tick Bite

I have Lyme Disease. My dog does not. Our vet thought this was odd, because dogs spend much more time…

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