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Dog Aromatherapy 101: How & Why To Use Essential Oils With Your Dog

There are lots of times when you might want to try dog aromatherapy -- for example, if you have a…

8 years ago

Best Home Remedy Dog Diarrhea Treatment: Bland Diet + Antidiarrheal Medicines

Does your dog have diarrhea? If so, there is a great dog diarrhea treatment you can try at home that…

8 years ago

Best Dog Dry Skin Remedy To Treat Your Dog’s Dry Skin At Home

Got doggy dry skin? Try an at home dog dry skin remedy! Here are a few simple things you can…

8 years ago

Moving With Your Dog? Here’s How To Help Your Dog Adjust Before, During & After The Move

We will be moving into a new house soon. I've asked Suzy Godsey -- who helped us train our dog…

9 years ago

Top 4 Allergies In Dogs: Treatments & Symptoms

Dogs can have allergies just like a person can. In fact, many dogs have many of the exact same allergies…

9 years ago

Does Your Dog Have Dry, Flaky Skin? Here’s The Home Remedy Our Veterinarian Recommends

Our veterinarian said dogs that spend a lot of time indoors during the winter months tend to get mild skin…

10 years ago

How To Give Your Dog A Pill: Step By Step Instructions + Photos

Here are 5 easy steps for giving your dog a pill. Trust me, it's easy!

10 years ago

Acceptable Household Medications For Pets

In addition to listing which human medications are acceptable for pets -- along with the pet-friendly dosages -- this article…

11 years ago

How To Clean & Treat A Dog’s Itchy Smelly Ears: Vet-Approved Products To Use

Does your dog have ear gunk? Ours does. Here's a vet-recommended 2-step process for cleaning and treating your dog's itchy…

12 years ago

Aromatherapy For Dogs: How & When To Use Essential Oils With Your Dog

Dogs can benefit from the healing and uplifting properties of aromatherapy, exactly as humans do! That's why pet aromatherapy is…

12 years ago

Dog Aromatherapy Sprays & Spritzes

Could your dog benefit from some aromatherapy? Here's a quick & easy way to see the benefits of dog aromatherapy…

12 years ago

Calming Dog Aromatherapy: How To Treat Anxiety In Dogs

For dogs that become anxious or nervous whenever they hear loud noises -- such as lightning, thunder, fireworks -- or…

12 years ago

Are Human Foods OK For Dogs To Eat? See Which Ones Are Safe… And Which Ones Are NOT!

Here are the foods to AVOID giving to your dog -- human foods that are poisonous to dogs -- and…

12 years ago