Soggy Dog Bath Towels & Soggy Paws Bath Towels… Great For Dog Baths!

These one-of-a-kind dog towels with pockets are designed with your dog’s body in mind…

Depending on which one you order, there are either 2 or 4 pockets which allow you to hold your dog with one hand while cleaning your dog’s paws, nose, belly and ears with the other hand.

Or, hold your dog in place with one hand, and dry your dog’s fur with the other.

There’s also a loop on one end that allows you to hang it to dry or store it by the door.

These are made by a company called Soggy Dog.

Soggy Dog Towel (with 4 pockets)

Soggy Paws Towel (with 2 pockets)

Both types of towels come in various sizes: small, medium, and large.

UPDATE: It appears that the Soggy Dog towels are now in very limited quantities, as if the company is going through some big changes.

Here are some reviews of other mirofiber towels that work great for dog baths, including the Shamwow!

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