‘Raw Dog Food’: A Book By Carina MacDonald + Tips For Feeding Your Dog Homemade Natural Food

You’ve heard the controversy about feeding dogs raw food.

Now, get the facts about dogs eating raw food.

With the help of this book, you’ll have some of the best tips and recipes for feeding your dog the BARF diet.

BARF stands for “Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods.”

It’s sometimes also referred to as the “Bones and Raw Food” diet.

The book Raw Dog Food by Carina MacDonald received the Dog Writers of America Award for Best Book under 100 pages!

Check out all of the great reviews.

“Living foods” are simply uncooked foods in which the natural enzymes necessary for proper digestion have not been heated or otherwise processed “to death.” These enzymes are considered the “energy” or “life force” of food. Whole, fresh food is also packed with the nutrients nature put there. Cooking robs food of vitamins and minerals.Dr. Karen Becker

Best Info About Feeding Dogs A Natural Or Raw Diet

Need help deciding whether you should feed your dog cooked homemade natural food vs the BARF raw food diet?

Here are some of the best resources to help you sort it all out:

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