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It’s no secret that I love Kong toys. (Or should I say… my dog loves Kong toys!)

I also receive the FREE Kong company newsletter and enjoy finding lots of fun ways to use Kong toys, plus new Kong recipes to try.

If you have a dog, then I would strongly encourage you to subscribe to the Kong newsletter, too.

Here’s what it’s like…

What You Will Receive:

Within minutes of signing up, you’ll receive a REALLY cool e-mail which contains lots of great Kong filling recipes to try, new games to play with your dog that involve Kong toys, creative ways to use Kongs in training, and fun opportunities to win cash, more Kong toys, Kong gift baskets, and Kong stuffings.

Plus, they always have a fun Photo Contest… Simply send in a picture of your dog enjoying whichever Kong toy they’re featuring that month, and you could win $500!

If you have a dog and you use Kong toys (or you’ve considered trying Kong toys), then this newsletter is a must-have!

Sign up for the FREE Kong e-newsletter here.

KONG Newsletter Archives:

Volume 20 – October 2010

Volume 19 – June 2010

Volume 18 – March 2010

Volume 17 – December, 2009

Volume 16 – September, 2009

Volume 15 – June, 2009

Volume 14 – December 2008

Volume 13 – November 2008

Volume 12 – August 2008

Volume 11 – April 2008

Volume 10 – December 19, 2007

Volume 9 – August 6, 2007

Volume 8 – May, 2007

Volume 7 – January, 2007

Volume 6 – September, 2006

Volume 5 – May, 2006

Volume 4 – January, 2006

Volume 3 – October, 2005

Volume 2 – June, 2005

Volume 1 – March, 2005

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