Money-Saving Tips To Replace Invisible Fence Batteries In Your Dog’s Collar

A fencing system that is invisible yet keeps your dog contained within a specified area is both a convenient and economical way to keep your dog safe while giving him room to roam.

Simply by attaching a special collar around your dog’s neck, the invisible fence works automatically and round the clock.

It works like a charm as long as the battery within the receiver of the collar contains enough power to do its job!

That’s right, the ability for an invisible fence to function properly is totally dependent on that little battery.

When the battery goes dead, then your dog is free to leave the yard and the opportunity for injury or attack becomes a real concern.

Things That Affect Battery Life

The expected life of invisible fence batteries can vary based on a number of factors:

  • How often your dog challenges the boundary wire affects battery life.
  • Consistently cold weather can dramatically reduce a battery’s life.
  • If moisture has been allowed to enter the battery compartment, the battery will fail.

Most recommend that invisible fence batteries be replaced every 3 months to ensure that your dog will be continually protected and contained within the fencing.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. You don’t want to find out the hard way that the battery inside your dog’s collar has failed!

Where To Get Replacement Batteries

Replacement batteries for your pet containment fence system are available from a variety of sources:

How To Replace Invisible Fence Batteries

Replacing the battery pack is as simple as using a coin to unscrew it from the receiver housing.

Be careful not to displace the rubber gasket — because that’s what keeps things dry and working when your dog decides to jump in the pool or spends time outside in the rain.

This video shows how to do it:

Here’s a DIY method for replacing just the cell battery itself if you prefer to rebuild your depleted factory battery packs instead of buying all new ones.

This video shows you how to do it:

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