How To Draw A Dog

Wondering how do you draw a dog?

I’m going to show you how to draw a dog really quick.

Following are lots of simple tutorials for drawing a dog on paper.

Each one of them results in a different type of dog — so take your pick!

They’re easy enough to try yourself… right now.

Choose from the easy step-by-step instructions, or follow along with the videos tutorials…

In the first 5-step tutorial, you’ll learn a very simple way to draw a cute puppy dog face.

Anyone can do it.

First the body, snout, and muzzle. Then the legs and paws. Followed by the ears.

Finally, finish with the eyes and nose. Then accent with any of the following: a mouth, tongue, teeth, tail, and any spots your want your dog to have.

What have you got? One cute puppy dog!

Try it yourself here!

Or, if you just want to draw a dog’s face, then start here.

Videos Showing How To Draw A Dog

How do you draw a Collie dog’s head and face? Like this:

How do you draw a cartoon dog’s entire face & body? Like this:

How do you sketch dog… a very simple puppy dog? Like this:

How do you draw a side profile of a Spaniel dog? Like this:

How do you draw a cute cartoon dog in 2 minutes? Like this:

How do you draw a simple floppy-eared dog face? Like this:

How do you draw a dog face & body really quickly? Like this:

How do you draw a dog with a furry body? Like this:

Now it’s your turn!

If you draw a dog, please take a picture of it and show us what it looks like in the comments below…

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