Dog Clicker Training 101: How To Clicker Train Your Dog

Dog clicker training is a way to reinforce any positive behavior that your dog exhibits.

When the dog hears the clicker noise, he gets a treat, and will definitely want to perform that behavior again.

Clicker training is a form of Operant Conditioning where you use a sudden sound (the distinct sound of a clicker) instead of verbal cues (like “Good!” and “Yes!”) to promote positive behaviors.

The clicker is a valuable tool because it allows you to ‘mark’ a desired behavior the exact moment it occurs. It’s like taking a snapshot at exactly the right moment. The clicker instantly tells the dog that he is doing something we like, and also lets him know that a reward is coming. Good timing and clear communication allow the dog to learn quickly … The click sound is unique, QUICK, clear, easily repeated, and non-emotional. It allows you to mark exactly the behavior you like.Source

One good thing about using a clicker is that it works from a distance.

It’s not always practical to toss a treat in your dog’s mouth at the exact moment that a desirable behavior occurs. (Like if you’re potty training a young pup, and he successfully pees or poops somewhere in the backyard… while it’s raining!) But a click can be heard for quite a distance and immediately informs your dog that he has done the right thing and will be rewarded for it.

Another good think is that a clicker always makes the same exact sound, consistently. Therefore, it is impossible for your dog to misinterpret what’s being asked of him.

There are several different sizes, types, and colors of clickers to choose from.

Best Clicker Training Videos

This first video highlights the basics of dog clicker training:

The next video shows the process you go through to get your dog used to the clicker the very first time. They call it charging the clicker:

Here are lots moreclicker training videosfrom Clicker Train USA.

And finally, these are considered to be the 10 best videos for clicker training.

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