Dogged Determination: Dogs Not Willing To Give Up Their Toys

The following funny dog pictures represent some downright serious determination on the part of our four-legged friends.

In each photograph, it’s as if the dog is saying, “I’m not giving up this toy… no matter what!”

See for yourself…

Toys Make Great Pillows

This is Tenor.

He’s fast asleep with his foot in the dog food bowl… while resting his head on his favorite toy (for the day, anyway!).

It’s a stuffed duck.

A Dog Has His Priorities

Tenor is part Great Pyrenees – part Labrador Retriever. For some reason, he always has to have something in his mouth (held every so gently, of course). It must be the Retriever in him.

Proof: Size Doesn’t Matter

This is evidence that two male dogs with dominant tendencies can get along. Little Tenor shows no fear of Destin’s big jaws. These two run and chase each other all the time — usually with even smaller toys partly in one dog’s mouth, and partly in the other’s.

Safe At Last

Can a dog get a little privacy around here??? This is Tenor who likes a little peace and quiet sometimes. He can barely fit under the bed at this point. The best part: the bigger dog, Destin, can’t bother him under here!

Quit Hogging The Ball!

Tenor likes football… Can you tell? And he doesn’t want anyone playing with his football while he’s taking a nap! On the left, I’ve clearly just woken him up — asleep in the kitchen. On the right, he’s still in la-la land and not quite ready to get up yet.

Mine, All Mine

Tenor’s got dibs on every ball in the yard — including these two footballs. More proof that football is Tenor’s favorite sport.

You Can’t Get Me

Tenor hiding with his favorite football under the steps. He knows its hard for our bigger dog to get him under there, and nearly impossible for us to reach him as well.

One Sly Dog

What?… You mean I wasn’t supposed to find this new dog toy in the closet? Too late… it’s mine now!

Tuckered Out, But Still Determined

This is Tenor after an hour or so of “working” his Kong toy. His jaws ache, his tongue is sore, and he’s plum tired. But he’s still not about to give up his favorite Kong toy!

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