A Handy Dog Hair Removal Tool: The Pledge Fabric Sweeper

Do you find yourself pulling out your sweeper every day to clean the dog hair off of your furniture?

If so, then the Pledge Fabric Sweeper is one dog hair removal tool that you’ll definitely want to have on hand.  It’s the best way to remove dog hair from your furniture… in a hurry!

It does a good job at picking up the fine pet hairs that tend to gather on furniture.  Plus, it’s small, lightweight, and it prevents you from having to pull out your vacuum every day.

Pros & Cons

The nice thing about this dog hair removal tool is you don’t have to put batteries in it or plug it into the wall to make it work.  All you have to do is swipe it from side to side in short strokes.  The rollers pick up the dog hair and place it into the plastic hopper that is attached on top.

Check out the pros and cons of the Pledge Fabric Sweeper.

These 2 things bummed me out the most:

  • It’s meant to be thrown away after it’s full.
  • Even though it looks cheap, it’s not cheap in price.

My Experience With This Dog Hair Removal Tool

I purchased a Pledge Fabric Sweeper to help clean up pet hair in my house.

My dogs shed, but not nearly as bad as my cats do.  I found myself pulling out my sweeper on a daily basis just to sweep off the black comforter on my bed.  (In one day, my cats can have my comforter looking like a big fur ball!)

After I got the Pledge Fabric Sweeper, I filled it up with pet hair within 3 days of getting it. 

Yes, It’s Reusable!

I didn’t realize when I purchased it that it was meant to be thrown away once it got full. 

I was not about to go out and purchase a new one, so I decided to figure out how to empty the Pledge Fabric Sweeper.

Here’s how I do it…

I take a pair of tweezers and push them between the 2 rollers and empty the container.  This way, I can reuse the Pledge Fabric Sweeper over and over again. 

It won’t last forever though.  After awhile, the rollers will wear out.  That’s how you know it’s time to purchase a new one.  How long the rollers last depends on how often you use your Pledge Fabric Sweeper.

About Carrie

I have 2 Miniature Pinschers. My husband and I consider them our 4-legged kids.

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