No Outfit Is Complete Without Dog Hair — Throw Pillows, Dog Dishes, And Signs With That Phrase

I recently got one of these pillows. To me, it says everything I’ve thought for years about dogs… you’ve gotta love ’em, fur and all!

No outfit is complete without dog hair!

I always worry whenever friends or relatives come over, because I realize they’re probably not as accepting of dog fur as we are around here. I mean, I keep a clean house and everything, but when you’ve got dogs, it’s just something you learn to live with — day in and day out.

Dog hair just has a way of showing up in the strangest places!

So I love this pillow because it helps to explain to our guests how we feel — without having to say anything at all. It’s a very subtle message, with just touch of humor.

It’s like saying, “Sorry, but you’re probably going to leave here with a dog hair or two that’s found its way onto your clothes. Thanks for coming.”

Many people have a special place in their hearts and on their clothes where their dogs leave an impression and more than a few hairs. Source

Here’s Where You Can Get This Dog Pillow:

  • Amazon ($7.99)
    This site has the best price at the moment.
  • Pillow Superstore ($11.99)
    A little more expensive perhaps, but they have a great selection of other dog pillows too.
  • Target ($20.99)
    Okay, so I wouldn’t recommend buying this one online from Target — not at that price! But it would be worth checking your local Target stores. Chances are, you might find it on sale. Or better yet, on clearance!

Obviously, prices and availability are subject to change.

Like The Phrase, But Not The Pillow?
Pillow — similar but different, this one is from DoggoneGood. The pillow says, “No outfit is complete without dog hairs.”

Wood Sign — Country From The Heart makes these crafty wood signs. You can choose the size, border color, and ribbon color. The sign says, “No outfit is complete without dog hair.”

Painted Sign — this one has a metal hanger and comes from Bouquets & Company. The sign says, “No outfit is complete without dog hair.”

Necklace Pendant — a step up, check out this fun jewelry from Judy Minter. The pendant says, “No outfit is complete without a little dog hair.”

T-shirts, Mugs & More — a wide variety of products available from Cafepress. They say, “An outfit just isn’t complete without dog hair.”

Fun Sign — Tumbleweed Pottery’s ‘sentiment plaque’ is colorful, fun, and unique. It says, “No outfit is complete without dog hair.”

T-Shirts — all shapes and sizes from Cafepress. They say, “No outfit is complete without a little dog hair.”

Small Sign — the fun pottery pieces from Mountaine Meadows Pottery could be used in a variety of different ways. They say, “No outfit is complete without dog hair.”

Dishes — fun plates and bowls (and even platters) for humans. These dishes say, “Everything tastes better with dog hair in it.”

Tote Bag — thanks to Alice Accents, now you can sport your love of dogs proudly with a sassy chocolate brown and blue striped tote. It says, “No outfit is complete without dog hair.”

Wood Sign — from Fran’s Country Tropical & More, this handmade wooden sign has a heavy wire attached for hanging. It says, “No outfit is complete without a little dog hair.”

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