5 Most Common Dog Behavior Issues & DIY Dog Training Tips From Cesar Millan

Are you having some behavioral issues with your dog? You’re not alone.

Good news: the Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan takes on the most common issues that dog owners experience in his Common Canine Misbehaviors DVD.

It’s the 5th DVD in the Mastering Leadership complete 6-volume set.

According to Cesar, the 5 most common issues owners face with their dogs are:

  • Aggression Toward Other Dogs Your dog mirrors what you are feeling.  Remember to stay calm when your dog behaves aggressively.
  • Overexcitement Or Hyperactivity Your dog is not being challenged enough.  Try giving your dog more exercise throughout the day.
  • Barking When You’re Gone It’s also known as separation anxiety.  Don’t make a big deal when you leave.
  • Barking At Specific Things Correct the behavior.  Take time to simulate whatever makes him bark and work him through his anxieties.
  • Problems On Walks You should always be the clear leader when on walks.  Your dog should be next to you not ahead of you.

We’ve just skimmed the surface here in terms of dealing with those 5 behavior problems.  For even more detailed DIY dog training tips regarding these "misbehaviors," check out K9 Magazine’s summary of Cesar’s newest DVD.

Here’s our review of Cesar Millan’s Mastering Leadership DVD Series (Volumes 1-3).

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