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Wondering what the differences are among all the different flea and tick preventatives on the market? I have firsthand experience using 3 of them -- Frontline Plus, K9 Advantix and Advantage -- and I review each of them here...

Which dog parks rank as the best ones in the USA? The top 10 dog parks in America each year. Tips before taking your dog to a dog park for the first time.

Looking for a fun board game for dog lovers? Whether for yourself or as a gift for someone else, Dog-opoly is your answer! Here's where you can get Dogopoly, modeled after the classic Monopoly game...


In addition to the basic dog commands and standard pet tricks that most dogs learn, we've managed to teach our dogs some of the best dog tricks... ever!

Like most of you, I've always refrained from giving my dogs alcohol of any kind -- beer or mixed drinks -- knowing that alcohol and dogs just don't mix. But you may not know that even ICE from a mixed drink could seriously harm your dog. Here's what you need to know...

This remote control paw activates the Pet Chime wireless doorbell for dogs. Dogs can be taught to press the paw-shaped transmitter to signal whenever they want to go outside or come inside. Simply place a Paw near the door -- indoors or outdoors -- or on the floor. When mounted at dog's-eye-level, your dog can press the Paw with its nose or its paw to activate the Pet Chime doorbell.

When a dog's gotta go, a dog's gotta go! Sometimes it's necessary to let the dog outside even when it's raining. Here are all my best tips for dogs with muddy paws & smelly fur.

Do you have an animal license plate? If you love animals -- especially dogs and cats -- then you might be interested in getting a pet-friendly license plate for your car. Here are the states where you can get pet license tags.

Is your dog in need of a cushy new pillow or pet bed? Here's another simple idea that worked for us... it's a no-sew way to make your very own doggie pillow... for next to nothing!