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I have 2 Miniature Pinschers. My husband and I consider them our 4-legged kids.

Looking for a way to train your dog to stay off of the furniture? Here are a few ideas. Plus tips on how to deal with dog fur.

Here's what you need to know about dog flu -- also known as canine influenza virus, or the H3N8 flu virus in dogs.

Does your dog bark at the same noises all the time? Here are some tips for getting your dog to stop barking at those noises, along with tips for reducing your dog's barking in general.

Dogs communicate with people in their very own way. Learning what your dog is trying to say is not a science. You simply have to pay attention to your dog's very subtle signs and cues. Here are a few dog signs to watch for if you want to learn to speak dog.

Not sure of what symptoms can be considered life threatening to your dog? Here are some symptoms to watch out for. Also looking for a mobile vet.

Making your own dog toys can be a lot cheaper than buying them from the store. Here are some fun dog toys you can make using tennis balls!

Looking for a way to keep your dog from pulling the leash when you're on a walk? Here are some tips. Plus why you should always maintain eye contact when you're communicating with your dog.

To liven up your dog's meals, try adding one of these healthy human foods. Plus, there's a list of all the human foods you can safely give to dogs, as well as a list of human foods that aren't safe for dogs.