Another Skateboarding Bulldog Video

Dogs really are amazing!...Check out the video below...It looks like there's more than one bulldog on the block that can ride a skateboard!(...until now, I thought that Tyson was the only one.)For a change of pace, check out this dog who takes skateboarding to a whole new level! … [Read more...]

Planet Dog: A Doglopedia – How To Match Your Personality Type With Your Dog’s Type

I haven't read the book Planet Dog: A Doglopedia yet, but Pat Doyle of the Doggiewoggie Dog Blog has.From her blog: I found something of interest from "Breeds to Match Your Personality Type". It says that Type A humans (impatient, stressed, driven types) usually do better with Type B dogs, and Type B humans (laid-back, easygoing types) usually do better with Type A dogs. Which begs the question, what Type are you? And what Type is your dog? (Or better yet, what Type of dog should you … [Read more...]

List Of Hybrid Dogs & Their Unusual Mixed-Breed Names

Maltese Poodle hybrid dog by locusolus

Here's a list of hybrid dog breeds, according to the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC)...  Hybrid Dogs Have Gone Mainstream When I was checking out information about the new Monopoly board game -- the "Here and Now" edition -- I noticed that even the Monopoly game tokens had been "modernized".The classic Scottish Terrier dog has been replaced by a Labradoodle: Yep, even the folks at Hasbro are aware of the popularity of hybrid mixed-breed dogs. So much so, that … [Read more...]