Which Social Network For Dogs Has the Best Facebook App?

Are you one of those weird pet parents that likes to get your pet as socially connected as you are?

It’s ok, I am too.

If you’re like me and have a facebook account with several hundred friends, it’d make the most sense to choose a social network for dogs that integrates with facebook with an equally useful application doesn’t it?

So which social network for dogs has the best facebook integration?

The answer is going to surprise you.


Up until earlier this month I had never even considered getting my dogs a profile on a social network for pooches.

Nevertheless, for whatever reason the idea popped into my head…and so I began Googling.

That said, I knew from the start that I wanted awesome integration with my facebook profile. Unfortunately the pickings were slim in that neighborhood…until one network surprised me.


The Rundown on the Top 3 Social Networks for Dogs:

#1: Dogster.com

Dogster is the #1 social network for dogs, hands down.

The closest competition isn’t really even close at all in terms of users.

Dogster has:

    • been around since 2004

    • claims to have 750,000 users with 600,000 pets

    • 4 million uploaded photos

The robust community there includes breed info, manuals, profiles, groups, reviews of local areas that are pet fun and friendly, video and picture upload, adoption tools, and more.

Dogster’s Facebook Integration: Surpringly poor!

They DO have a facebook app, but with only 304 active users (at the time of this writing) and only 95 fans. Yikes.

How does that happen? 750,000 users on their site yet only 95 of those use their facebook app?

Sorry, that one wasn’t for me.

#2: DoggySpace.com

Doggyspace is a pretty new site. They’ve only been around since last June.

They don’t seem to have quite as much to offer as Dogster does, but as Lynnette has already pointed out, Doggyspace is the place you want to be if you’d like to be in on the groundfloor, shaping the community from the bottom up.

DoggySpace’s Facebook Integration: Zippo, zilch, nada, and non-existent

Despite the fact that Doggyspace looks a lot like facebook in their color scheme and layout, they don’t have an app to show off ur pooch in facebook.

Strike 2 for me.

#3: UnitedDogs.com

UnitedDogs is a little bit different than the Dogster or Doggyspace.

UnitedDogs claims to "unite 105,806 dogs worldwide" (at the time of this writing).

They offers forums, contests, photo/video uploads, pet wikis, ecards, profile pages, and more.

This community seems to focus more on forums than it does the other aspects…which is different than and sets it apart from its competition.

UnitedDogs Facebook Integration: Heating up!

UnitedDogs promotes it’s facebook application through many avenues, and it seems to be paying off. they have 931 active monthly users. Not too shabby.

Nevertheless, still strike 3 for me.


The Best Doggy Social Network for Facebook Is…

…not a social network at all.


With facebook allegedly growing at the rate of 600,000 users per DAY, UnitedDogs’ 931 active monthly users wasn’t indicitive of a robust facebook userbase.

What else could there be?

Enter DogBook.

No dot com on the end of that one. It’s a doggy social network completely native to facebook.

Want to guess how many monthly active users? Go ahead, take a shot at it. I’ll wait…

At the time of this writing, the number is 506,611 active monthly users.


After I added this app I immediately saw that 22 of my friends already had this app installed on their profiles. Bingo. Instant connection…which is the way it should be.

Dogbook offers:

    • VERY similar to the feel of a normal facebook profile, complete with a wall

    • groups

    • dog parks to join (and the ability to add new ones)

    • Photo/video upload

    • and much more…

So if you’re like me and you’re looking for a great facebook friendly social network for dogs, look no further than facebook itself.

If you choose to go the route of Dogbook, feel free to add my black lab mixes, Sophie and Ender, as friends.

Which social network do you prefer for your pups and is facebook integration a big deal to you like it is to me?


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